Claire Pendrigh

16 April – 14 August 2022

Botanical explores the unique botanical environments of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Spiky foliage, fleshy flowers and tangled stems come together in bold, colourful paintings. The bright colours are chosen for their visual vibrations. The shapes of the plants are flattened and stylised into patterned compositions.

Claire is interested in the energy of living things. Seeing them in real life feels fundamentally different from looking at a photo. The depth of the colours, the textures — these things all respond in every moment to changing light, wind, rain. Plants, like us, are living, breathing, responsive organisms — so very different to static objects. Connecting with them one-on-one helps us recognise ourselves as part of a complex and interconnected world.

These paintings try to capture some of that energy by using bright, contrasting colours to set up visual vibrations. The movement of paint, liquid in places, chalky in others, speaks of the squishy nature of organic life. These paintings are an invitation to go out into Tasmania’s wild places, slow down, look closely, and become immersed in a world of colours, textures and patterns.